Build a Bike Trailer Workshop

A workshop by A Rocha Aotearoa NZ & Cycle Trailers NZ

Saturday 6th October, 12-5pm

Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Lounge
286 Oxford Terrace (corner Madras & Oxford Terrace)

Organiser: Steven Muir 0210619296, [email protected]

Register for the workshop by emailing your contact details to [email protected]

A bike trailer is a superb way to extend your carrying capacity on a bike and lower your carbon footprint for all your load-carrying journeys. This workshop will focus on a wooden frame design which is very low cost and results in a light weight and strong trailer. Plans will be available to build a frame to suit two 65 litre recycle crates, but these can be adapted to any size you wish. Aluminium framed trailers can also be purchased from Steve if you prefer. We will have a supply of wooden pallets available for you to dismantle and build a frame or you can bring your own wood. 25x75mm is ideal. Screws and glue will be provided.

Please bring any hand saws, drop saws, hammers, crowbars, measuring tapes, builder’s pencils, square head screwdrivers, battery drills, 10 and 15mm spanners you can. It’s also handy to bring your bike to attach the hitch base onto.

Costs (may be subsidised if we get funding):

For other cycle-related events happening in Christchurch in the month of October, please check out Biketober – Christchurch.

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