Eco Church NZ

Now more than ever, churches are responding to God’s call to actively care for the environment. Having built strong relationships with environmental leaders in the A Rocha network, churches, local communities and local government over the years, we are increasingly asked to share our insights, resources and learnings.

We are starting a new initiative called the Eco Church NZ project. Our goal is to support churches across Aotearoa New Zealand to actively care for God’s earth as an integral part of their mission.

Through the Eco Church NZ project we hope to see:

Churches engaged
Our focus will be on churches ready to step up, willing to lead the way, churches who want to work cooperatively as agents of change . We will share their stories through our media, collaborate and connect them with our partner organisations while providing support in practical ways.

Leaders equipped
We will provide resources and peer to peer support to leaders in Eco Churches so they can confidently support the groundswell of hope we aim to see among churches.

Individuals inspired
Together we will develop pathways to sustainable ways of living, share resources and build a program that is adaptable and open to all those inspired to care for God’s earth.

For more information, please visit the Eco Church NZ website.


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