Contemplation, Divestment & Investment

10th February 2016

Selwyn PhotoDuring Climate Change negotiations in Paris in November 2015 (COP21), around the country and the globe A Rocha was involved with other NGOs and civil society groups in advocating for a global agreement on green-house gas emissions that would seek the interests of all of humanity and non-human species.  Leader of the A Rocha Dunedin local group, Selwyn Yeoman, addressed a crowd of 3000 at the Octagon, in the heart of Dunedin city.  Selwyn encouraged his listeners to draw on the gifts of their own faith tradition in responding to the challenges of climate change.  He suggested seeing ourselves as guests and hosts in a shared home may help us understand our place and role in the world, and offered two potential ways in which communities may outwork a new relationship with creation: (1) creating community and contemplative gardens and (2) investing in clean energy.  His reflection is food for thought now that negotiations are over and the real work begins.  For Selwyn’s full address click here: Climate Change Dunedin March Address – Nov 2015

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