E-bikes for pastors and DIY bike trailers

3rd December 2019

Anyone who knows Steve Muir knows of his passion for cycling and all things cycle-related. Steve is known for his DIY bike trailers and he constructs all manner of bike trailers to carry everything from shopping to five-metre-long kayaks behind his bike. In conjunction with Biketober Christchurch in October this year, Steve organised a build your own bike trailer workshop. Check out what they managed to build during this workshop!

Over the past year, Steve started another personal initiative to share his love of cycling – he purchased ten e-bikes and is loaning them long term to church leaders in Christchurch. The idea behind the project is that church leaders will be able to connect with their congregation and neighbourhood, while simultaneously modelling a positive lifestyle change. The Baptist Magazine published an article recently to showcase this initiative. Read on to find out how the church leaders are finding this mode of transport.


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