Eating for the Health of the Planet

29th June 2018

The latest booklet in our Rich Living series is now available!

The new Food booklet helps us consider how our food choices contribute to our health and that of our wildlife and planet. Forty percent of global land-use is linked to human food production and almost thirty percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) stem from global food production activities. What we eat can definitely have a positive or negative impact on climate change and the health of ecosystems. The Rich Living series is designed for small groups that want to explore scripture readings, questions, and practical activities related to these topics in an intentional and practical way.

“We will be using the booklets for an inter-church bible study group… My primary interest and motivation is climate change and action, which is why I was so pleased to discover these booklets.”

“We are starting a preaching series… on “Caring for creation” throughout June and July. We will encourage our small groups to use the “Climate Change” studies and hope to finish this off with an evening gathering and panel discussion in the July school holidays.”

We’re excited about the number of churches and faith communities who have been using our Rich Living booklets – Climate Change and Water. Over the last year we’ve distributed over 1300 Climate Change and Water booklets to people and groups in 110 congregations and faith organisations! If you’re interested in participating in the Rich Living project then request or download our free booklets.

“We work predominantly in the… community connecting and supporting communities to reduce waste… We have worked with a few churches and they have even started to make the connection between looking after the earth and their faith. Having these resources to distribute to church leaders is a meaningful way we can help our cause but also relate our message to Christian creation care.”

To accompany these resources, in September we’ll be partnering with churches in Christchurch to run a Rich Living weekend – exploring further how congregations and communities, as agents of hope, can make sustainability integral to faithful living. If you’re based in the Christchurch region mark this event in your diary now!

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