Fostering Love in Young Environmental Leaders

Otago E3 Dec 2015 (359)We live in a digital-age. A Rocha’s E3 wilderness program encourages young people to spend 11 days “unplugged” and experience the beauty, wonder and vastness of creation up close and personal.

In December 2015, A Rocha, in partnership with Scripture Union and Adventure Specialities, ran a new E3 Wilderness Expedition in the Otago region. Eleven teenagers tramped, rafted, and mountain-biked 150km from the top of the Haast Pass to Wanaka in the Otago region.  Students were encouraged to reconnect with their surroundings as they engaged in bird-watching and re-baiting predator traps that protect endangered birds.  Students reflected upon leadership; their own personal talents; future plans/goals; and Jesus’ particular concern for the marginalised and the planet.  Students noted how much they had enjoyed being “disconnected from devices”; their awe and appreciation for nature; cooking and eating together; and a greater love for creation and their Creator.

Steven Bouma-Prediger writes: “We care for only what we love.  We love only what we know.  We truly know only what we experience.” (For the Beauty of the Earth, p. 21).  A Rocha’s E3 program aims to develop a generation of future leaders who love and care for all of creation.  In December 2016 A Rocha will be involved in the running of two more E3 expeditions.  If you know of a young person with leadership gifts who would benefit from such an experience, shoulder-tap them today and contact [email protected] for further information.

Otago E3 Dec 2015 (303)

Otago E3 Dec 2015 (537)

Otago E3 Dec 2015 (10)

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