Launching Hope

5th September 2018

Around the world A Rocha works with churches and communities in rediscovering care of creation as an essential part of life. Find out more or get involved in two exciting new events – the Creation and Hope book launch in Auckland and the Rich Living conference in Christchurch this month! 

Creation and Hope book launch

The recent publication of Creation and Hope: Reflections on Ecological Anticipation and Action from Aotearoa New Zealand is part of A Rocha’s ongoing work of seeking to deepen our understanding of the relationship between Christian faith and caring for creation.

Contributors include biblical scholars/theologians and practitioners – many whom are actively involved in A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand – with chapters also from well-known British eco-theologian Celia Deane-Drummond.

One story of hope contained within the book is that of the A Rocha led Karioi Maunga project. The keystone species of this biodiversity restoration project is the seabird grey faced petrel / Oi. The Oi, breeds on the coastal cliffs of Karioi Maunga and launches itself from cliffs and trees to fly. Author Andrew Shepherd reflects upon how often in the Bible the Holy Spirit is depicted as a bird and the significance of this for Christian faith and conservation action. We hope that this story and the other reflections will awaken reader’s imaginations and inspire them to take their own daring leaps of faith and put hope into action.

You’re invited to join us for the book launch on 25 Sept 2018 in Auckland.


Rich Living Conference

The Rich Living conference in Christchurch in September will offer practical tools and workshops that will inspire people to live more sustainably, reducing their waste output and carbon and water footprints. The weekend will be run in partnership with Cashmere Presbyterian, South West Baptist and Grace Vineyard, and complements our Rich Living resources. We’ve been delighted by the uptake of these resources with 1700 booklets distributed to 87 congregations and 39 organisations during the last year!

If you’d like to inquire about how A Rocha can assist your congregation or community in living more sustainably and caring for its local area, contact us.

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