Living Lent – a low fossil fuel pilgrimage

10th February 2016

SteveDo you live life at furious speed? Is even your leisure time characterised by busyness, travel, while burning large amounts of fossil-fuel.  Lent summons us to a new way of living and being…

This week marks the beginning of Lent, (and, coincidentally, also the 34th running of the classic multi-sport event: the “Coast to Coast”).  Lent is a period in the Church calendar in the weeks prior to Easter, where, through the practices of simple living, prayer, and fasting, Christians seek to grow closer to God.  Lent is modelled on the life of Jesus who, prior to commencing his public ministry, spent 40 days in the wilderness.

In January, Steve Muir, from the A Rocha Christchurch group was involved in his own pre-Lenten pilgrimage.  In contrast to the heavy fossil-fuel use of much of our outdoor leisure activity, Steve and seven others spent six days completing a Coast to Coast (from Christchurch to the West Coast and back) – towing four kayaks behind three tandem and two single bicycles!  As well as having lots of fun, the event sought to raise awareness on climate change and to encourage the use of active transport for as many journeys as possible—like commuting, shopping, or, even training for multi-sport events!

This season of Lent we’d encourage you to reflect upon your usage of fossil fuels.  You might like to participate in a carbon-fast.  For more details see: or



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