Makarora Madness

10th August 2016
Campers in the snow, above bushline – Makarora Valley

Campers in the snow, above bushline – Makarora Valley [Andrew Shepherd]

Winter school holidays… a time for kids to stay inside and pass the day playing on digital devices?  Yeah – nah – NO!

For us, winter is a great time to get outside and enjoy the crisp, clean, cold air and have some fun!

In partnership with Scripture Union, A Rocha hosted a week-long camp for 9-13 year-olds in the Makarora valley in July. This year the camp attracted all females! Fortunately, camp organiser and A Rocha Co-Director Andrew Shepherd was unfazed by the strong gender bias – as he already lives in a house with three daughters!

Stunning weather provided the perfect backdrop for bush-walking, bird-watching, botanising, stone-skimming, rock-climbing, and creative art. Participants engaged with an ancient but powerful story – a tale that recounts God’s broken heart at human violence; an obedient and faithful individual called Noah; an ark; a flood; a rainbow; and God’s care for all living creatures! Check out the story in Genesis 6:5 – 9:17, and to watch the slideshow below:

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