Spring Planting and Parties

7th September 2017

Oakley Creek lies in close proximity to the 2.4km Waterview Tunnel (NZ’s largest road tunnel) that was opened in July this year. “The first plan for the motorway was to put the whole stream in a culvert,” comments Wendy John of ‘Friends of Oakley Creek’. “That would have destroyed the whole lovely valley. The second option was to ‘cut and cover’. That too would have wiped out this beauty. People objected to save their community, to save houses and to save the stream. That’s why the tunnel was built.”

A Rocha in Auckland recently held a planting-day (in the rain!) beside the swollen Oakley Creek in Waterview. Some A Rocha members involved in the ongoing project live locally and have seen the gradual transformation from a weed-infested creek, prone to significant erosion, to today’s shaded green dell with increasing bird-life. Along with the broader community they can continue to enjoy nature in the city utilising the longstanding walking path that follows the creek.

John Staniland planting beside Oakley Creek/Te Auaunga. [Beulah Wood]

Oakley Creek/Te Auaunga emerging beneath the new SH20 motorway flyovers. [Beulah Wood]











In Wellington recently, a range of ages gathered for the monthly A Rocha working bee at Waiu Wetland and also took the opportunity to mark A Rocha’s 10 years. Celebrations included planting a kahikatea tree, munching on Penelope’s famous pin-wheel scones and utilising a recently acquired SHMAK kit (Stream Health Monitoring and Assessment Kit).

Older and younger have a go at testing water clarity using SHMAK kit. [Iris Lee]

Spring rain and mud. [Iris Lee]

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