Tending a local taonga

19th May 2017

Cathy and Raewyn working at Unsworth Reserve –
Beulah Wood

In Auckland A Rocha has been involved in the restoration of Unsworth Reserve for many years. At a recent event volunteers “released” carex, manuka, kahikatea and other native trees planted in previous years. “Releasing” removes the weeds growing over the establishing native plants, thus letting in the light and freeing them from crowding. Many of the A Rocha volunteers involved in the community restoration project live locally. Cathy became involved in the project in 2016 when she was a member of a local Chinese Conservation and Education club that attended a planting day A Rocha hosted. Cathy now attends regularly planting events and also monitors the water quality in the stream. Cathy says: “I’m giving back to the community because I live here. I give to nature because I enjoy it.”

Raewyn Pattemore, co-chair of A Rocha in Auckland, also lives locally and has a special affinity for the bush and stream in the reserve. To Raewyn, “This is our local taonga. I truly find it a treasure here in this residential suburb. In fact, when I’m walking in the reserve and talking to other walkers I like to share that idea.”

Cathy and Raewyn working at Unsworth Reserve – Stephen Pattemore

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