Young Leaders & Living Water

15th June 2016
Fruit on healing trees – Sculpting Revelation 22:1-2. (Ben Necklen)

Fruit on healing trees – Sculpting Revelation 22:1-2. (Ben Necklen)

A recent Scripture Union South Island Leaders’ Training weekend based at Mt Peel Eco-Lodge in Canterbury explored themes of leadership styles, building community and engaging creatively with the biblical text in creation.  A Rocha has partnered with Scripture Union to provide youth camps with a specific focus on conservation and ‘creation-care’ for a number of years now, and this year Andrew Shepherd (A Rocha co – Director) provided input along with representatives from Scripture Union and Adventure Specialties staff.  Andrew helped participants reflect on water within the biblical narrative and our daily lives, exploring how our use of water can bring life or death to the land and other species – a particularly poignant topic in light of the current water issues facing the Canterbury region.  A Rocha, Scripture Union and Adventure Specialties partner to run E3 Wilderness Expeditions  for senior school students each year, and encouragingly five alumni from the E3 program attended the weekend training and are moving into leadership roles on Scripture Union & A Rocha camps.  A Rocha will be running Makarora Mountain Madness – a camp for Year 7-8 students from July 17th-22nd.

Young leaders at training weekend at Mt Peel Eco-Lodge. (Andrew Shepherd)


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