Dayton Keremeta

Dayton is the Karioi Biodiversity Ranger Assistant at the Karioi Project.

A star in the classroom and on the basketball court, Dayton attended the Manaaki Ao (Earthcare) program at Raglan Area school for two years (Year 12 and 13). After that, it was easy for Dayton to step into his role as a biodiversity ranger. Dayton has grown his skill base and has taken on a range of tasks including large scale predator control, track maintenance and seabird monitoring. Quiet and reserved, Dayton is passionate about sport and really lights up on the basketball court. He has aspirations to travel and go to university – but in the mean time he is a great asset to the Karioi project and we will support him all the way, wherever he ends up in the future!

More information about the Karioi project team can be found on the Karioi website.

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