Murray Sheard 

murrayMurray is Education and Advocacy Manager at TEAR Fund. He was founder and director of “The Kitchen”, a shared workspace in central Auckland for social entrepreneurs, and those working for more than profit. His previous role (2007–10) was as Director of Professional Integrity Education, at Tiri, an independent non-governmental organisation that works with governments, business and civil society to find practical solutions to tough corruption problems. Murray has been based in Tiri’s offices in London and Jerusalem. Before joining Tiri, Murray was director of Ethical Edge Ltd, an ethics consultancy that aims to increase the ethical decision-making competence of professionals and business leaders. Concurrently, Murray lectured in philosophy at the University of Auckland, teaching business and environmental ethics, and theories of human nature. Murray has been New Zealand Team Leader of Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, a development charity with teams living and working in the slums of Asia’s mega-cities.

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