Raewyn Pattemore

Raewyn is a co-leader of the A Rocha local group in Auckland. She grew up in South Thailand in the late 50s-60s and returned there as an adult in the 80s to live for ten years with her family. She has seen firsthand the deforestation that has happened over her lifetime with the spread of palm oil plantations, and the degradation of the marine environment due particularly to rampant overfishing and unchecked tourist developments, and the negative effects this has had on the local human populations. She also read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in the 1970s and this has all had a huge influence on her life and her interest in conservation. She is so pleased to be a part of A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand so she can contribute to working on projects in her local area, and to encourage other Christians particularly to see the importance of caring for this amazing planet.

Please see here for more information about the Auckland local group, or email [email protected] to get in touch with Raewyn.


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