Life, the Universe and God – Six Big Ideas about Creation

A six-part study on God’s Creation in Christian Theology by Silvia Purdie.

This six-part study is a framework for a Christian understanding of ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’, exploring six central Christian claims about the environment when seen as God’s Creation, and the implications for faith and hope. Sections conclude with questions for discussion and suggestions for deepening reflection in prayer.

This study was written during the COVID-19 lockdown, and includes some ‘points to ponder’ about the connections between the pandemic and care for creation. Footnotes at the end list references for further reading.

The study covers:

• an overview of leading writers in eco-theology
• a range of perspectives
• questions and suggestions for discussion and prayer
• issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the link above to download the study and check out the videos on each study too.

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