Rich Living series

The existing Western lifestyle is unsustainable  ̶  our consumption habits impact on the wellbeing of our human and non-human neighbours. But Christian faith communities have the potential to be agents of hope. We believe that Christian faith communities have the potential to offer a glimpse of what true “rich living” entails.

The Rich Living project was originally started in partnership with Tearfund New Zealand – to assist faith communities to reflect on how they live and offers practical steps to make sustainability integral to lives of faith. Now the Rich Living series is one of the key resources offered to churches as part of the Eco Church NZ project.

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Some feedback from users / readers of the bookets:

“I’ve just read your Climate Change. Exceptional! thought provoking in a beautifully presented form. I’m ordering extra copies for friends and family.”

“They are so well prepared and richly informative. They would also make wonderful Easter study guides. Thank you so much, A Rocha, for all the resources.”

“Three of us co-led a Climate Change sermon at church a couple of Sundays back. I found A Rocha’s ‘Climate Change’ resource booklet to be quite helpful in my preparation for the talk – very well done!”

“We’re currently using the “Climate Change” booklet for our cell group. We’ve read and discussed our way through the first couple of sessions and the conversation has been really good. The group is quite a broad mix of backgrounds, denominations, and exposure to such ideas, but the uptake and engagement has been pretty encouraging!”

“In a word: Brilliant. So nice to see a clear explanation of climate change put into a Christian context in a meaningful way – the challenge that you pose to climate change sceptics is particularly powerful without being judgmental.”

“I think this is one of, if not the best studies on Climate Change for Christians that is around today – really pleased it’s available.”

“We had your Climate Change booklet at our stall at the conference and a gentleman from my church took one to read. The next time I saw him he said it was the best thing he’d read on the subject – well done! Every encouragement to you all.”

“Thankful for the booklets you left with us – very inspired by the one on Food because it holds the scientific data that I have known about globally on an NZ level. I feel this will be useful in our conversations together as a community… even around eating animals.”

* Click here to request printed copies or download PDF versions *

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